About Pet Adoption

Why should I adopt?

When you decide to adopt a shelter pet, you rescue an animal that has often been displaced through no fault of their own. You give them a second chance at a happy life. The sad truth is, by adopting, you make room at the shelter for other displaced animals.

A common misconception about adopting an animal from a shelter is that they don’t make good pets. Actually, most shelter pets have been surrendered not because of their own problems, but because of their owners' issues such as moving, allergies, the inability to care for the pet, or financial troubles. The vast majority of unclaimed pets found roaming the streets and roads in Moffat County are friendly, loving animals that make outstanding pets!

"Helping the pets of Moffat County since 2002"

the Humane Society of Moffat County

Where can I adopt?

Moffat County and the surrounding areas have various shelters that house displaced pets. You can visit petfinder.com and perform a search to find available animals for adoption. You can also visit our Facebook page for additional pictures and information about pets at the Craig Shelter. The Craig Animal Shelter is located at Bear Creek Animal Hospital, 2430 E. Victory Way, Craig, Colorado. Their phone number is 970-824-5964.