‚Äčthe Humane Society of Moffat County

"helping the pets of Moffat County since 2002"

Shelter Animal Transfers

The HSMC manages and funds the transfer of unwanted pets who have been unadopted from the Craig Animal Shelter. We financially support the spay/neuter and vaccination of these pets as well as the cost of transporting the animal to other area shelters and rescues where their chance of adoption will be greater.

Educational Efforts

We believe that through education we can combat the problem of pet overpopulation and prevent unwanted pets from ending up in our shelters. Our continued efforts are through events held with our local youth groups, schools, and educational material distribution.

Shelter Building Fund

In 2009 the HSMC opened a Shelter Building Fund in the memory of Kathie Johnson. A new shelter was Kathie's dream. The HSMC shares her dream, so we continue this effort with the Shelter Building Fund.

We hope one day a municipal shelter will be built that serves the community; bringing people and pets together and providing educational and volunteer opportunities.

Since 2009, $5,930 has been donated to this Fund.

Community Assistance

To address the health and well being of the pets in our community and to help battle pet overpopulation, the HSMC offers assistance to members of our county by offering:

  • reduced cost spay or neuter and vaccinations with local veterinarians.

  • providing medical care and pet food to families who find themselves in temporary, difficult circumstances

  • providing temporary foster care for family pets

For assistance with these or any issue that could result in you giving up or losing your pet, please complete and submit the online application. Click HERE to open the Application.