The Humane Society has served the people of Moffat County and their companion animals since 2002. We are a non-profit and all-volunteer organization dependent on community support. Our programs and services touch many lives. In 2014, the HSMC helped facilitate the care, adoption or transfer of 552 homeless animals from the Craig Animal Shelter. Through donations, fundraisers and grants, we paid for the medical treatment of various displaced animals, reached numerous needy pets through community assistance, and financially helped owners spay/neuter their pets. Please help us in our mission by making a donation today.

If you are already an HSMC member, have donated before, or support the HSMC through Moffat County Workplace Giving, thank you for your support!

Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.


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If you'd like to become a member, complete and submit the Donation Form. Then you can make your donation online via PayPal by clicking on the Donate button or by mailing a check to HSMC, P.O. Box 1587, Craig, CO, 81626.

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Does your company have a matching gift program?

Some companies have matching gift programs that will match their employees' donations to eligible charities (typically 501(c) organizations, which we are one). Check with your company to find out whether they will match your donation!

Monthly HSMC Meetings

If you are interested in attending a monthly meeting, please contact Ann at or call 970-620-2014.